Power Code Coaching

Power Code Coaching is the innovative combination of traditional coaching, positive psychology and mental training techniques with Buddhist mindfulness and light meditation. Insights from the fields of neurobiology, positive psychology and quantum physics form the framework for power code coaching.

What is Power Code Coaching?

Unlike other forms of coaching, the direct experience of optimal states – the realization of a client’s goals and potentials – is used as a point of reference for coaching. With your own power codes you experience yourself in the here and now as united with your personal goals and can use them as a reference point for your own life

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Executive Coaching with Power Codes

Strengthen assertiveness, performance and enjoyment of work

Lack of assertiveness, efficiency, confidence and decision-making are problems that executives often know. These inner difficulties do not bring positive results. On the contrary, they cost a lot of energy and keep many people in senior positions in the hamster wheel of useless thoughts and feelings.

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The Power Code is a new, field-proven technology that is already successfully used by thousands of people. The over 90% success rate is achieved through the unique impact of The Power Code. With The Power Code, users develop an optimized attitude to themselves and their lives in a short time and with little effort in order to make them work in their everyday lives. Whether in the professional, personal, health or sports area – with The Power Code personal goals and performance options become your own reality.

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